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A Pump Rebuild Kit; Size 80

A Pump Rebuild Kit; Size 80

Our Price: $391.60

Part #: KT-07002

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC)
80 A Pump Rebuild Kit
  • (1) PU-03001, Triple Lip Seal, 80 Pump
  • (1) PU-03006, Shaft Bearing, 80, "A" Side
  • (1) PU-01016A-008, Piston Seal; 80 Pump
  • (1) PU-01013A , Cylinder Flange Gasket
  • (1) PU-05029-80, Pin
  • (1) PU-05042, Piston Bearing, 80
  • (1) PU-03020, Bullet, 80
  • (1) PU-03016, Retaining Ring, 80, "A" Side
  • (2) OR-00011A, O-Ring; 12x2mm ID
  • (2) OR-00046A, O-Ring #133; Viton 90D Pump Cy
  • (2) OR-00020A, #136 Viton Lube Cylinder O-Ring
  • (1) OR-00044A, O-Ring #024; Lube Cylinder
  • (2) TN-04199, SHCS, Bolt, 3/8-24 x 2.5
  • (1) PU-05030-80, Snap Ring
  • (1) PU-03021, A Side Seal Tool
  • (2) OR-00045A, O-Ring #028 Viton 90D
  • (1) OR-00051B, O-Ring #218 Alfas 80D
  • (1) PU-01003-IG, Discharge Ball Seat Gasket
  • (1) PU-01003-DG, Inlet Ball Seat Gasket
  • (1) PU-05023-1, Gasket; Pump Retainer Nut

We are happy to announce the availability of a NEW Classic Pumpline Rebuild Kits for 120, 80, 60 and 40 pumps. The new rebuild kits include a more robust, triple lip seal and bearing which has been in development and testing for over a year. These new kits have proven to be more robust, last longer and are less prone to leakage. All new Classic machines built since June 1, 2015 have these new seal kits installed and referenced in the manuals shipped with each machine.
The new rebuild kits are now available and include the new seal and bearing along with additional parts and tools to facilitate rebuilding the PMC pumps. The triple lip seal must be paired with the new bearing. A mis-match of these parts with older kits will not fit properly on the pumps. The best news is that the 120 and 80 kits are being offered at the same low price as the preceding kits and the 60 and 40 is only slightly higher.
These new seal kits will also work on H-25, H-30 and H-40 machines.

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