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SW-RIG-3228 15" hose rack (order as SW-RIG-3228)

SW-RIG-3228 formerly rig-p508b

Our Price: $250.00
SW-BB-1130 Barrel Blazer Deluxe Wall Mount Dual Switch Hi/Low Heat

SW-BB-1130 formerly BB-1030

Our Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $635.00
SW-BB-1230 Blazer TC Unit (order as SW-BB-1230)

SW-BB-1230 formerly BB-P200

Our Price: $173.16
Remove moisture from your drum and save material with a Desiccant Dryer. Desiccant Dryer

Desiccant Dryers allow applicators to easily remove moisture from a drum and stop material from curing.

Our Price: $44.00
Remove moisture from your drum and save material with a Desiccant Dryer Refill Bag. Desiccant Dryer Refill Bag (8 oz.)

Desiccant Dryers Refill Bags allow applicators to continue removing moisture from a drum and stop material from curing.

Our Price: $9.00
DuraTite Roof SPF DuraTite roof SPF - SET

DuraTite Roof SPF by Rhino Linings ranges in density from 2.5 to 3.0 pound foam with an R-Value of 6.9 - ideal for commercial-sized roofs.

Includes Shipping $1,970.00
Dyna-lube 5-gallon Dyna-lube 5-gallon


Our Price: $250.76
SW-5130	Dynasolve CU-6 (1 gal.)


Our Price: $88.00
SW-SW-5160 Foam Overspray Release (1 CAN) order as SW-SW-5160

SW-SW-5160 formerly SW-LubOS-01

Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $15.95
SW-5162 Foam Overspray Release (1 CASE) order as SW-SW-5162

SW-SW-5162 formerly SW-LubOS-12

Our Price: $167.40
OnePass CC Gaco OnePass CC - SET

OnePass Closed Cell by Gaco Western is a 2.0 lb. Spray Foam - ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications and it can be used in deep fill applications.

Shipping Added After Purchase $2,029.00
Graco Starter Package Graco Starter Package

SprayWorks Equipment Group is proud to offer our Graco Fusion AP Gun Package

SprayWorks products discounted - total value of $4490

Our Fusion AP Gun Package Includes:
  • Graco Fusion AP gun with choice of 4 mixing chambers
  • Fusion Fix-It Box containing 150 plus O-Rings and compete schematics of Fusion AP gun for quick reference
  • **Graco 3/8" x 50' Heated Hose, 2000 psi (No Scuff Jacket)
  • SprayWorks Power Flush System for the Fusion Gun
The power flush system includes the following:
  • 1 Flush pot
  • 1 Gallon Dynalube flush & storage lubricant container
  • 1 Mounting rack for your spray rig, funnel
  • Easy 3-step instructions.
**Graco hose shown is with scuff jacket. The hose in this package will not have scuff. The picture is for representation only

Our Price: $4,490.00
Sale Price: $4,200.00
SW-SW-4242 Grease Tube 3 oz. Black Lithium

SW-SW-4242 formerly SW-TL-04003

Our Price: $7.00
SW-5262 Logan Manifold


Our Price: $320.00
SW-SW-4226 O-ring 10pk


Our Price: $18.00
PMC Hose Scuff Jacket; 50' (SprayWorks) PMC Hose Scuff Jacket; 50' (SprayWorks)


Our Price: $70.00
SW-SW-5230 Power Flush System (order as SW-SW-5230)

SW-SW-5230 formerly SW-FLUP

Our Price: $370.00
Sale Price: $285.00
SW-SB-2100 Spraybot Ultra (order as SW-SB-2100)

SW-SB-2100 formerly SB-UBOT

Our Price: $23,500.00
Thermal Guard CC ThermalGuard CC - SET

Thermal Guard Closed Cell by Rhino Linings is a 2.0 lb. Spray Foam - ideal for wall, attic, and roof deck applications where it insulates, air-seals and adds structural strength.

Includes Shipping $1,939.00
Thermal Guard OC ThermalGuard OC - SET

Thermal Guard Open Cell by Rhino Linings is a 0.5 lb. Spray Foam - ideal for residential and commercial walls, attics and roof decks.

Includes Shipping $1,889.00
SW-BB-1250 Upright Attachment for Barrel Blazer (order as SW-BB-1250)

SW-BB-1250 formerly BB-P300

Our Price: $185.00