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Offering a Limited Supply of Used Guns, Used Spray Foam Equipment, and Used Spray Foam Rigs

No warranties written expressed or implied as per purchasing agreement available on our website. All sales are final.

Used Spray Foam Insulation Guns:

SprayWorks has a limited supply of used PMC Air Purge Guns (AP1, AP2, APEX, PX7), Graco Fusion Guns, and some other brands from time to time. When we prepare used spray guns for resale, we thoroughly clean, repair, and test each gun - ensuring it works properly for the end-user. Our goal is to get the gun in as good as new condition to prepare it for resale. In the event we receive a gun that is irreparable, we would never consider reselling used spray foam insulation equipment that is not usable.

Used Proportioners and Used Reactors:

Our maintenance crew has a five point system for used proportioners and used reactors. When a proportioner or reactor arrives, our team of certified professionals asses any damage and the potential for repair and refurbishing. Once the machine is thoroughly cleaned and appropriate parts are replaced, the equipment is tested in a real environment to ensure it works for the end-user and given a rating that accurately reflects their quality of operation.

Used Rigs and Mobile Trailers:

SprayWorks gets a limited stock of used spray foam rigs for sale and coatings trailers. We review and asses all used spray foam rigs for sale, meanwhile cleaning and repairing any equipment included in the used spray foam rig. Once all equipment is cleaned, fixed, replaced, and ready to go - SprayWorks tests in a live environment, ensuring it has the ability to work day-after-day on any jobsite without fail.

Additional used spray foam insulation equipment is available on a day-to-day basis. Check back frequently for availability.
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used-19 Used Master / Gap Gun Parts

Used Master / Gap Gun Parts - Miscellaneous (#1 mixing chamber)

Good overall condition.

All used equipment sales are final.

Our Price: $100.00
GU-AP-3 Refurbished: AP-3 Spray Gun


Our Price: $650.00
GU-AP-3 USED: AP-3 Spray Gun


Our Price: $700.00
used-21 USED: PMC PH-40, like new

USED PMC PH-40 Proportioner
Like New
This machine was used as a Spray Foam School demo

  • 3 Phase
  • 220 Volt
  • 18 KW Heaters
  • Pressure Balance Control
  • Cycle Down Counter
  • Bleed Valves
  • Inlet Monitoring System
  • Independent Heater Control
  • Still under manufacturer warranty until March 2019

All used equipment sales are final.

Our Price: $19,800.00