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High Pressure Heated Hoses

High Pressure Heated Hoses

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation offers high quality high pressure heated hoses at affordable prices. PMC heated hoses are equipped with or without Temperature Control sensors, allowing you to more accurately control temperature through your heated hose. PMC hoses are perfect for commercial roofing use, as well as high pressure coatings on roads and bridges.

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16 products found in High Pressure Heated Hoses

3/8x50' High Pressure Hose with TC and Scuff
  • $2,742.00
3/8x50' Hose Assembly, High Pressure, RTD, Scuff
  • $2,742.00
PMC High Pressure 3500 psi Braided Heated Hose, 3/8" x 50" No TC has Scuff
  • $2,489.00
PMC 3/8"x50' A-Side HP Heated Hose
  • $1,018.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', RT, 3500psi
  • $3,020.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', 3500psi
  • $3,020.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8, 50', CA, 3500psi
  • $3,240.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 3/8", no CBL, 3500psi
  • $2,490.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 3/8", 3500psi, no scuff
  • $2,760.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/4", 3500psi
  • $2,500.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", no CBL/SG, 3500psi
  • $3,380.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", 3500psi, no scuff
  • $3,080.00

How our PMC Heated Hoses Are Made

PMC hoses are made with a unique heated hose system design featuring a copper weave element to provide full hose coverage for more efficient heating. Each hose includes a Protective Extruded Jacket, providing long-term protection for each hose. Additionally, the hose is braided underneath the jacket to prevent uneven distribution of heat.