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High-Pressure Heated Hoses

High-Pressure Heated Hoses

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation offers high-quality, high-pressure heated hoses at affordable prices. PMC heated-pressure hoses are equipped with or without Temperature Control sensors, allowing you to more accurately control temperature through your heated hose. PMC high-pressure heated hoses are perfect for commercial roofing use, as well as high-pressure coatings on roads and bridges.

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16 products found in High-Pressure Heated Hoses

3/8x50' High Pressure Hose with TC and Scuff
  • $3,016.00
3/8x50' Hose Assembly, High Pressure, RTD, Scuff
  • $3,016.00
PMC High Pressure 3500 psi Braided Heated Hose, 3/8" x 50" No TC has Scuff
  • $2,489.00
PMC 3/8"x50' A-Side HP Heated Hose
  • $1,120.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', RT, 3500psi
  • $3,350.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', 3500psi
  • $3,350.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8, 50', CA, 3500psi
  • $3,600.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 3/8", no CBL, 3500psi
  • $2,760.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 3/8", 3500psi, no scuff
  • $3,060.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/4", 3500psi
  • $2,780.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", no CBL/SG, 3500psi
  • $3,750.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", 3500psi, no scuff
  • $3,420.00

Heated Hoses

At SprayWorks, we understand the value of reliable equipment and the importance of getting a job done right. With years of experience in the industry, we are the leading provider of spray foam equipment, but that’s not all, as we’re also a full-service supplier.

In addition to providing spray foam products, like high-pressure hoses, we also offer training, spray foam rigs, and equipment service. We provide an extensive selection of PMC and Graco heated hoses for your spray foam projects or insulation business.

High-Pressure Hoses for Every Project

PMC heated hoses are designed with a copper weave element that aides in evenly distributing heat throughout the hose. This design is extremely resistant to fatigue failure and supplies a uniform heating watt density and precise control of the application temperature. Plus, each hose includes a Protective Extruded Jacket, providing long-term protection for each hose. Additionally, the hose is braided underneath the jacket to prevent uneven distribution of heat.

Our high-pressure heated hoses spray with a pressure of 3500 psi which makes them the ideal choice for high-pressure applications. Choose from the following hose lengths when shopping for a heated hose:

  • 100-feet
  • 50-feet
  • 20-feet
  • 10-feet

Contact Us Today About a High-Pressure Spray Hose!

SprayWorks is proud to work with reliable American-based manufacturers for our heated hoses. Plus, as a full-service supplier, we’re happy to offer on-site training for your equipment as well as replacement parts for any equipment that needs updated.

Find the high-pressure hose that’s right for you on our page, and if you have any questions about our hoses, contact us today!