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Lens Covers peel-off for full mask (25-pack)
  • $39.00

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Spray Suit Coveralls with Hood and Boot - 25 pack
  • $65.00

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Replacement Lenses for Allegro Full Face Mask two-man breathing system
  • $65.00

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3m Respirator Cartridges 2-pack filter
  • $28.57

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3M Full Respirator Mask
  • $200.00

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3M Organic Vapor Filter
  • $5.90
Allegro Complete Two-man System
  • $2,171.00

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3M Half Respirator Mask
  • $16.40

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a necessity in the Polyurethane industry. Whether you are spraying coatings in an open-air environment, such as a roof or parking deck, or spraying spray foam in a confined space, such as a crawl space or attic, - PPE Equipment and a Respirator Mask is required for safety by OSHA.

Studies show, spraying polyurethane chemicals without a breathing mask can cause serious damage to skin and internal organs - in some cases death. We carry the best safety equipment and PPE including; 3M, Allegro, and n95. Our certified PPE Equipment Experts can help choose the safety equipment that is right for your job.

Respirator Mask:
Our Allegro Two-Man system prepares your team for spraying polyurethane in a confined space or other space with limited ventilation. Additional full face respirator masks are available, as well as half face respirator masks.

Replacement Respirator Parts:
Whether you need a lens cover or complete replacement mask, we have what you need. We also carry spray suits, full mask and half mask cartridges, and filters. Our full body protective spray suits come in packs of 25, allowing you and your team to continue spraying without running out of OSHA required spray suits. If you are looking to minimize the amount of lens covers you replace, try ourOverspray Release - which helps to easily wipe away polyurethane chemicals. Click here to learn more about Overspray Release.