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Low Pressure Heated Hoses

Our Polyurethane Machinery Corporation hoses are designed for low pressure spray foam application projects. Our low pressure hoses come equipped with optional Temperature Control (TC), which allows you to more accurately control temperature when applying Open Cell spray foam insulation. Un-heated hoses are also available for low-pressure jobs.

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18 products found in Low Pressure Hoses

Graco Hose, heated, 50', 3/8", no CBL/SG, 2000psi
  • $1,800.00
Graco Hose, heated, 10', 1/4ID, 2000psi
  • $807.00
3/8x50' Low Pressure Hose with TC and Scuff
  • $2,118.00
3/8" x 100 ft Low Pressure Heated Hose Assembly by PMC
  • From $4,197.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', RT, 2000psi
  • $2,450.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', 2000psi, FTS Cable
  • $2,450.00
Graco Hose, heated, X-WRAP, 3/8", 50', 2000psi
  • $2,310.00
Graco Hose, Heated, 50', 3/8", 2000psi, no scuff
  • $2,160.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/4", no CABLE, 2000psi
  • $1,495.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/4", 2000psi
  • $1,900.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", no CBL/SG, 2000psi
  • $2,590.00
Graco Hose, heated, 50', 1/2", 2000psi no scuff
  • $2,780.00

About Our Low-Pressure Heated Hoses

PMC low-pressure hoses offer up to 2,250 psi and PMC’s unique heated hose system design features a copper weave element to provide full hose coverage for more efficient heating. PMC low-pressure hoses are available in a variety of lengths and thickness.

At SprayWorks, we understand the importance of needing to keep up with new technology and opportunities to allow your business to thrive, and we are here to help you with that. Whether you are interested in one of our low-pressure spray hoses, low-pressure heated hoses, or one of our many other products, our team has over 100 years of combined experience to help you make the right purchase.

We look forward to discussing your growing business needs regarding equipment, supply, training, and more. In addition to heated hoses, SprayWorks also carries a variety of other products to enhance your operations, such as:

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