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Automated Machine Applicators and Robotic Sprayers

Automated spray robots are a great tool to have on a roofing, decking, bridge, or roads project. The Spraybot can also be useful for spraying material, ceilings, and other flat substrates.

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Benefit of a Automated Spray Robot
Customers have repeatedly reported saving 10% or more in material yield for both SPF and coatings. The Spraybot applies material evenly and consistently - eliminating human error. Simply set the control box to the appropriate settings for your project and guide it.

The greatest benefit that can't be argued, is saving employee fatigue. Oftentimes, employees wear themselves out from heat, lengthy hours, and dehydration. Automated equipment helps to minimize fatigue by spraying evenly and consistently over a larger area as well as preventing applicators from having to constantly carry heavy equipment over long periods. No heavy pushing is required.

The Spraybot runs on gas or electric, so you never have to worry about your job being interrupted. Altogether, the robot weighs less than 300 pounds and can easily be disassembled and stored inside your mobile rig or warehouse. Maintenance is easy. Just watch this short video for more information on the Spraybot. Click here to view the video.